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Wouldn't it be nice to cut the annual meeting postage bill and stop needlessly cutting down forests?

Doesn't every company want to impress their shareholders as a leader in technology and as a company that is conscientious about the environment and mindful of cutting corporate waste?

Eliminating sending paper copies of the annual report and proxy statement to shareholders - documents that may be tossed out unread by some - accomplishes both of these objectives. To gain the support of shareholders, these reports need to be provided in a well-designed, ergonomically effective format. Providing an electronic format that can be reached quickly, is visually pleasing and easy to navigate will go a long way towards getting shareholders to accept electronic access over the old-fashioned and expensive postal delivery. With the consent of shareholders, your annual report and proxy statement don't have to be mailed. Instead, these materials can be posted here, at allowing your shareholders to easily access and view them online. What's more, with the SEC proposal for implied consent looming on the horizon, the potential savings could grow enormously! Please contact your Account Executive for details.